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    My roommate and I are in the market for a larger, nicer home. Children are grown, so it will be just 2 adults. We both want master suites, so whatever we buy will require some fairly extensive remodleing. The home we have found has a master suite plus 2 additional bedrooms with a shared bath upstairs. Upstairs layout is fine. However, I am mobility impaired and require a downstairs suite. Downstairs has one guest bedroom and a full bath which shares a wall with the formal living room. I am hoping to convert these areas into a large master suite. Problem is, this bath is the only bath downstairs. We plan on entertaining family and friends often. In addition to a large game room, we also will have a pool. Way more bathroom traffic that I want through my bedroom. The foundation is slab. Is it possible to add a half bath to an already existing foundation? If so, is it a huge and expensive project? The realtor tells me it isn't an option.

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    Whats the realitors reasoning? You simply break into the slab where your drain goes and route that to either the cesspool or to an existing drain in a floor. I've done in numerous times....not that big a deal.
    More info is needed to help you.
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