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    Default last mow of the season

    On The This Old House Hour, Roger is always saying that for "the last mow of the season" you should:
    • Cut it short (or is it long?)
    • Use the bag, instead of mulching the grass
    • etc.

    So is there a way to determine (e.g. first frosty morning) that you're making the last mow of the season? Or since it's mid-October, should I just assume every mow is the last one?


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    Default Re: last mow of the season

    I've started cutting mine short now. The extra length isn't needed for sun protection or to help prevent weeds(not sure that works all that well anyway).
    The shorter grass doesn't catch the leaves as well & with any luck a good windstorm will blow them somewhwere else before I get around to raking.
    The short grass and no mulching is supposed to help prevent snow mold. Something I never had much trouble with until last winters record snowfall.
    Another plus with short grass is my furball of a dog gets less wet in the dew covered morning walks.

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    Default Re: last mow of the season

    Thanks. If it ever stops raining long enough for the grass to dry out, I'll start cutting it short.

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