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    Default ice damage/roof ice dam

    we live in Michigan-lots of snow and ice this year. It appears that the edge of my roof has become an ice dam and when that melts, I believe the water is leaking through the roof soffet and into the walls of the aluminum siding!!! This has already caused a brand new window to start leaking water. Anyone know if this type of problem is usually covered by insurance and/or the extent of damage that I should expect. Meaning replace soffet?? Siding?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: ice damage/roof ice dam

    Sadly common. Worse is that it happened to me!

    The ice thaws, drips to the eaves, freezes at night and builds up an ice dam/block. The next drips get caught behind the ice dam and work their way back up under the shingles, and then back down under the shingles, siding and your window. Nasty circle.
    The soffitt probably didn't cause the problem.
    What I did was to install the sticky black ice dam material. Comes in rolls, 36" wide by 30'. That goes under the shingles.
    So that does mean a roofing job, either the entire roof or just the lowest four feet, providing your roofer feels it will work in your situation.

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