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    Default Porous Driveway Problems Down the Road?

    I just saw the episode where Roger did the driveway with pavers that had built in gaps for water drainage. Isn't that going to lead to huge weed problems in the future? And since they runoff into a creek and then resovoir, I assume the homeoeners will have limited weed treat options. Anyone have any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Porous Driveway Problems Down the Road?

    Under moderate traffic, weeds won't be an issue. Even if they were, a weed torch would effectively kill the weeds without the use of herbicides.
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    Default Re: Porous Driveway Problems Down the Road?

    Good question. With traditional type concrete pavers weeds can sometimes germinate when the joints are filled with sand. (They grow from the top down - not from bottom up - as seeds are wind blown and fall on top of the pavers.) The joints of permeable pavers are filled with a coarse stone sand that is not favorable to weed growth. In the unlikely event weeds do grow, the root system is loose and can easily be plucked.

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