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    Default Insulation Mystery

    I have gutted a 3 story old home in Florida. It has a crawl space (with wood floors on the ground) and the 3rd floor is a unfinished attic (the stairs go up to the attic).

    I can't figure out the best way to insulate the interior walls, floor and the attic. A special problem is the attic, because if you look up you just see the interior of the roof.

    My guess is that a mix of options might be best (financially and practically). I'm paranoid about closed cell being blown on the underside of the roof because someday it will leak and I won't know it (causing uncontrollable rot).

    Can anyone suggest a plan?

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    Default Re: Insulation Mystery

    Howdy, The spray foam is $$$$
    Are you saying you have no attic or that there is an attic and then of course if standing on the floor, joists, you look up and see the roof.

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