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    Default grout and tile cleaning

    I have a porcelain tile with tumbled edges and it was recommended to me to clean tile with a mixture of muratic acid and water. I have some questions as to procedure. Should I wash tile with the mixture, brush area's of excess grout and then rinse. Should I use cloth rags or will paper towels and fresh water work to finish? How long do I leave mixture on?

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    Default Re: grout and tile cleaning

    I personally would not use muriatic acid to clean porcelain tiles
    (or any other harsh chemical cleansers for that matter)I once had to replace chemical damaged grout by grinding out the grout space and then regrouting.
    I can assure you, it was not a fun project!
    The problem being the distinct possiblity of damaging the grout as well as the tile surface. Your local hardware store can recommend tile and grout cleaning products that have appropriate ph levels

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    Default Re: grout and tile cleaning

    Ive used this product several times with good success and its inexpensive to boot.
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