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    Question Strang white fungus, plant?

    Hello everyone..

    The last few days I have noticed black marks along the sides of my raised garden bed, but have just assumed them to be bird droppings. However, this morning I happened to noticed that the black markings are coming from the tops of these skinny white sprouts that seem to come and go over night?

    Are these a type of fungus, or are they actually a seed from bird droppings? Are they good/bad for the garden? Thanks in advance, and looking forward to your responses


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    Default Re: Strang white fungus, plant?

    I think I found your culprit. It LOOKS like this "California fungus": "Xylaria hypoxylon (L.: Fries) Grev.
    Flora Edinensis 1: 355. 1824.

    Common Name: Candlesnuff Fungus

    I just did an image search and found this picture:

    It didn't mention whether it was bad for your other plants, but it is REALLY ugly!
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