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    I recently purchased a home and have started to renovate. As it has gotten colder we have come to realize the house is quite drafty and the amount of insulation was sub-par. My question is if we were to use batts of paperface insulation to insulate the floors,(Hardwood)could we expect to see a warmer floor?

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    Yes. You will want to make sure the paper face is against the subfloor so there's no gaps, and if possible, fill the joist cavity for the maximum amount of insulation.

    Compressing insulation isn't recommended; the effective R-value of compressed insulation will be approximately equal to the same thickness of uncompressed insulation. In other words, R-19 (5-1/2") compressed to 3-1/2" will result in about R-13, the value of 3-1/2" insulation.

    In addition to insulating, you will get far greater benefit by sealing any penetrations to the outside. They say that the typical old house has so many holes that if you added them all up you could drive a truck through it.
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    We actually just did this in our home, and it turned out to save us plenty of money on home heating. My mother, who lives in New england, did the same last winter.
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