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    Default floating wood floor

    After reading how to install a floating wood floor the one thing I don't understand is how to get the last plank under a door jamb. Also, can you not use the 1/4 round trim and just pull up the baseboard and replace when finished? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Re: floating wood floor

    The thing with a floating floor is that you don't want it captive against any solid surface. Most floors recommend a gap of 1/4" to 3/8", this would include at door thresholds. The fix is to use a transition molding that will allow the gap, yet give the appearance of no gap. The trim strip will be "L" shaped for a threshold termination, so the gap you leave between the flooring and the threshold will be 1/4" PLUS the thickness of the "L". Install the floor, then come back and install the molding.

    As for the base and quarter round, as long as your base and/or quarter round covers the gap between the flooring and the wall, you can install it however you like. I usually replaced the baseboard with a floor matching base that is also thick enough to cover the gap, negating the need for a quarter round. If you don't want to remove the base, then use a quarter round or other base shoe molding that is wide enough to cover the gap.
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    Default Re: floating wood floor

    Looks much nice to pull the baseboard and then replace it when the flooring is down. Of course, you need to have a baseboard with enough thickness to cover the expansion joint.
    To not have to deal with sliding it under the jambs, start there. If you have more than one door, you can sometime slide it in to place lengthwise. As lone as you keep the board slightly tipped it won't lock into place.
    As the previous post said, make sure you leave an expansion joint at the threshold. Personally, the transition strips that come with the floating floors are cheesy. If you have the skills, make your own. It should be T-shaped.

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