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    Talking Stool and Apron Window Trim

    Hello All:

    I have more of a style question. I am remodeling my daughters' bedroom and installing new baseboards and window trim. The sole window in her room is an Anderson casement window and the interiior trim currently is mitered wrap around trim.

    I really like the interior room look of the stool and apron trim along with a nice header around a window. Unfortunately, in every example I've found thus far, for installing stool/aprons the window is a double-hung window. Question: Would installing window trim comprised of a header and a stool/apron around a casement window look goofy from a style standpoint?

    I don't want to install something that looks off-base.

    Then again, I have colonial type baseboards installed and was thinking the stool/apron/header would compliment the room.

    Any advice is surely appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Stool and Apron Window Trim

    Picture frame casing is generally used for expediency not design necessity.

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