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    Exclamation load-bearing wall

    My house was built in 1962, by the previous owner. It is stick-built and has a hip roof. I want to remove the main floor load-bearing wall about half to be exact, 16 ft. Should I expect to modify the truss system to accept this structural change? Or would it be enough to correctly support the existing truss as it is?

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    In general you should only need to support the existing rafters. That includes taking care of the loads as they come down on either side of the new opening.

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    The main point in this thread is the terminology. Rafters and trusses can be confused by some people. Trusses are engineered to be self supporting, rafters are a different construction and you'll have them in the hip areas. The rafters won't come in contact with the bearing walls but the bottom chord of a truss will. If what you've described is correct and the walls are under the trusses, you should be OK, as ED21 said.

    Good Luck.

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