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    Default Goodman Heat Pump Troubles - HELP!!!

    We have a two year old Goodman heat pump and air condition unit. This summer, almost two years to the month it was install, the air conditioner "konked" out THREE times. Although the parts are still warranted, the service charges have almost depleted our little savings. The installer whimped out on us; one repairman added another return and too much freon, also installed new duct work and charged $900; the last repairman-still in training- at my husband's suggestion that there may be too much freon, removed it and the air conditioner worked. On the first day of cold weather we turned on the heat and the unit continuously shut off and on all by itself. It would run for maybe five seconds then shut off. It repeatedly did this. Please advise. Please, please help us...winter is coming and I'm a summertime girl.

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    Default Re: Goodman Heat Pump Troubles - HELP!!!

    I would get someone out there and see if there's enough refrigerant in your unit. It my be working for A/C but there could be a high and or low pressure switch that's shutting it off.

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