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    Default Matching concrete paver colors

    I purchased concrete pavers in 2004 and the color is sandstone buff (beige/brown) to do a driveway and walkway project. I purchased additional pavers to extend the driveway because the city told me I was in code violation for parking a commuter van in my yard on the grass. The new pavers are the same color but the shade is darker. That's why you have to pick from multiple skids when laying them. I don't want to have to take up the old pavers and buy new ones. It is a lot of work. Is there a solution to matching or getting the color close even if it's not exact?

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    It's likely that the old pavers have faded over time with the sun and rain/snow. Depending on the type of pavers you have you may be able to pull up the pavers that you have and turn them over. The bottoms of the pavers should still be pretty close to the original color. Other than that you could pull up some pavers and then mix in the new ones with the old ones so that you don't have one area that contrasts with the other. Other than that time will fade the new pavers and eventually they may match pretty close to the old ones. Hope this helps you out.


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