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    Question how to re-rope sash and case windows?

    My friend having moved house has asked if i could re-rope his sash and case windows. I have looked inside the pockets and the wieghts are inside but could someone please tell me the easiest way to re-rope. the sashes themselves are in good order and are Approx 0.7m high by 1m wide.
    Hope someone can help.

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    Default Re: how to re-rope sash and case windows?

    Check out the How-To/Windows section of -- you should find some good advice in there.

    How to replace window sash cords (video):,00.html

    If you choose to use rope, be sure to use sash cord. It's natural fiber, solid-braid rope just the right size. Synthetic rope won't be able to withstand the ultraviolet light.
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    Default Re: how to re-rope sash and case windows?

    If you've got access into the weight pockets, installing new sash rope isn't all that big a deal, other than getting the sashes out of the jambs without destroying the trim pieces. If you don't have access to the weight pockets, then first I'd suggest using sash springs ( ). Other than that you'll either be removing the entire window frame or cutting access holes into the frames and installing covers once the ropes are replaced.
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