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    Default Re: Railroad ties as floor joists???

    Well, I would go one step further than some here have mentioned.

    Instead of just getting a "home inspector", if the property is really your dream place, I would insist the sellers pay for an actual licensed engineer/architect or very reputable carpenter/general contractor to do a more thorough inspection.

    If home inspectors in Canada are anything like here in the States, they're a lot like realtors, take a few classes, take a few tests and BAM you're a home inspector. Doing a good job is like so many other jobs, it takes years of experience to truly learn what is right or wrong.

    Just my $.02 thrown in.

    Also, I understand it sounds great, but 35,000 sq feet is less than an acre. Did you mean 35,000 sq. meters???

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    Default Re: Railroad ties as floor joists???

    Thanks! That's a good idea to get the homeowners to pay for more than a home inspection. I have owned a home before, and had an independent inspector that I trusted had my interests at heart, but I can't take him with me to the other side of the country!

    And yes, I did mean 35,000 sq. ft. That's very large for a lot in the town I'm moving to, and it's also large considering my last house lot was less than 6,000 sq. ft! I'm not a millionaire, so to have more than 3/4 of an acre in town would be a dream.

    Thanks again for the advice!

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