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    Default Wet bathroom floor

    I moved into a newly built home nov 2007. Since we moved in, we have had condensation on linoleum floor behind toilet during cold months. Our builder states its because of cold concrete and warm air. Any suggestion on how to fix problem? We have tried running fan,de-humidifier, covering area with carpet etc. Do not have this condition anywhere else in house.


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    Default Re: Wet bathroom floor

    Your builder's explanation * might * be the cause .... though I would think it would also show up elsewhere rather than be localized to that one spot.

    By chance if any wall around the toilet is an exterior wall I would more inclined to suspect the bottom plate of the wall framing where it sits on the concrete isn't sealed with a sill gasket or caulk ..... or very well.

    In which case removing the baseboard around this area and applying a caulk or acoustical sealant caulk along the bottom of the wall where it meets the floor would help preventing cold drafts entering and cooling the floor.

    Just a thought.
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    Smile Re: Wet bathroom floor

    I know you can buy a tank insulator which will correct your problem. My Dad got it a Home Depot several years ago and it took care of the problem. You will need to empty the water from the tank and make sure it is dry before applying the insulation material. I don't think it was too long before he was able to refill the tank.

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