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    Default To Paint or not To Paint

    I just bought an old house and we're going to paint the entire interior. It's a small house, 6-7 rooms, but plenty of trim and details. I've painted rooms before but never an entire interior like this. I'm really struggling with the decision to paint myself (with help from friends of course) or to shell out money to have a professional do it. It's expensive to have a pro do it but time consuming to do it myself. Any advice out there?

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    Speaking as a former contractor of many years, I think you should hire a professional painter .

    Seriously, the problem with do-it-yourself is time constraints and having to live through the mess. Years ago, I was forced to move into a house I had purchased without the opportunity to blitz the painting before moving in. I chose to prioritize what I could do: I painted all the closets so that personal clothes and items could be immediately put away. I painted the bedrooms so that we could at least crawl to a clean bed and ignore the mess outside the bedroom door. The rest of the house was done room by room over the next several months.

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    Default Re: To Paint or not To Paint

    Painting is an easy job and takes little time. Preparation on the other hand is where the work is and will make all the difference in the world. If you don't know how to prep hire a professional.
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