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    Default latex paint removal from hardwood floors

    We refinished our hardwood floors with 3 coats of polyurethane. We painted the walls and now have some latex paint on the floors. We tried denatured alcohol, mineral spirits, Goo Gone and scraping. All we are able to do is chip the polyurethane off the floor. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: latex paint removal from hardwood floors

    Normally, mineral spirits will soften latex paint. If that isn't doing the job, try Goof Off or lacquer thinner. Do a test in an inconspicuous place in case it mars the poly finish.
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    Default Re: latex paint removal from hardwood floors

    very true, try it in a closet where you wont notice if any goes bad with it
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    Default Re: latex paint removal from hardwood floors

    If you have let the paint dry to the point that soap and water won't take it off, your only choice is to sand or scrap it off. If it is small drops use a utility knife blade as a sc****r and lightly scrap the paint off. Buff up the area with 0000 steel wool or 220 or finer sand paper and hand rub a light coat of poly over the area.
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