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    Default Using copper sheeting for Island countertop

    I purchased some copper sheeting to use on an Island Countertop. The copper is not wide enough for what we wand so will need to "piece" it together around the sides. Any advice? Do we glue it first, nail it, or what? And do you solder it?

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    Default Re: Using copper sheeting for Island countertop

    I would hire an architectural sheetmetal shop to make the top for me. Multiple pieces can be joined with copper solder - not silver/tin as is used for plumbing connections - that way the joints become invisible. The shop can then bend the piece to fit your countertop dimensions and weld the vertical corners and seam the edges.

    I would then install the prefab'd sheetmetal onto the countertop with contact cement so that it was solidly adhered to the surface.
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