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    Question Removing goo from duct tape from wood floors

    My husband started removing the carpet from our childrens bedroom only to find that the the cracks between the wood floor pieces had been duct taped over. We are hoping to save the floors and refinish them rather then replace them. The problem is that the tape has left the floors extremely sticky (you can't stand in one spot on the exposed floor or your feet get stuck and you are peeling them off of it). He has tried multiple things to get rid of the goo and nothing is working. What is the best way to get rid of the goo?

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    Default Re: Removing goo from duct tape from wood floors

    have you tied a product called "goo gone"?
    you can find it in most hardware & big box stores - not as harsh as "goof off"
    squirt some on, let it soak for about a minute, & scrub with a nylon kitchen scrubber. you may need to go back over it with a rag with more goo gone on it.
    it works great for removing stickers & decals, and the leftover adhesive

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