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    Default Toilet Glugging Noise when flushing

    Hi folks, wonder if you can give me a hand in diagnosing this. Been living in this house a year and today the toilet is making an extreme glugging noise when flushing (near the end of the flush). I know just enough about plumbing to be dangerous.

    I'm wondering if this would be a symptom of a clogged vent pipe, and if so, what to do about it... if not, what else could it be? The ballcock assy seems to be in good working order, no leaks and seems to be operating correctly. What should be done so this doesn't happen again?

    We've had a lot of snow/ice here in michigan in the last few weeks and temps in the -10 range at night the last couple nights. could it be a snow/ice clog on the vent stack?

    Thanks folks!

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    Default Re: Toilet Glugging Noise when flushing

    Well, I guess that I'll add the outcome.... It warmed up a bit and the glugging stopped. It musta been a vent pipe was clogged.

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