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    Default Improve insulation

    The house we are currently living in was insulated with a type of blow in foam insulation. It was pumped in as a foam and then dried out. When I remodeled our bathroom this summer I found out that when the insulation dried out it came away from the walls, studs and dropped down. We now have approximately 3/4 inch of gap between each of the studs and the foam and 1/2 inch gap between the walls (inside and outside) and the foam and probably 3 to 4 inches under each window and the foam.

    How do I get more insulation in the walls?I will reside this summer and thought it would be a great time to do it. Some one did suggest getting something in the walls to breakup the foam and then start over with cellulose insulation. Any better ways?

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    Default Re: Improve insulation

    it sounds like your foam was not installed properly. if you knew who installed it, or what product they used, that might help. I would try to contact them, they should come and refoam it.
    your location could help too.


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    Check with your insulation contractor. Sounds like an installation error.

    Josh Jaros (Jaros Bros. Construction)

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