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    Default Lawn, Farm, and Garden; The Gator Guy, and the moral of the story.

    Recently, I purchased a slightly used (2009/ 34h) John Deere Gator 4x2 TX. The selling was simple: the vehicle had immediate curb appeal, and the seller was knowledgeable (regarding previous ownership and technical/ mechanical matters), and he was conversational. Moreover, it was soon apparent that he has been restoring these vehicles for some time: he had an impressive Gator oriented maintenance and repair shop, and he collectedly discuss "buyer beware" questions. And it gets better, he guarantees his vehicles. Six weeks after my purchase, my Gator developed a small electrical problem: dead battery and it wouldn't hold a charge. Initially, I hesitated to call The Gator Guy, but charging the battery had failed to revive it; hence, I concluded the problem was an over looked preexisting condition or something I was doing wrong. Either way, the resolve was beyond my expertise. I called; he came; and by sunset on the very next day, I was happily creating Gator necessary lawn, farm, and garden chores. And the moral of the story is, in a word, integrity; that is, honest, forthcoming product representation, and morally grounded product support.
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