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    Default How to expose an old wood tongue and groove ceiling

    I am renovating a house built in 1954 by my grandfather. As I was pulling out the old celetex ceiling tile in the bathroom and getting sheetrock pricing for the entire house. I noticed how nice the aged wood under the tile looked. Is there a way to expose that wood. I've seen wood ceiling that seem to have a polyurethane coat on them. How do you do this. There is insullation above that wood so I am sure it would all have to come out and we would have to some how seal it in order to expose it have a wood ceiling. I noticed someone else had asked about this in november but no respons on her posting yet.

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    Default Re: How to expose an old wood tongue and groove ceiling

    Not sure I understand you. If you're pulling the old ceiling tiles off the ceiling, that is going to expose the wood ceiling. It sounds like that's what you want(?). If so, you're there.

    As far as the poly on the wood, put on a hat, cover the floor, and just brush it on and you should be good to go. If you have nail holes from the staples or nails in the ceiling tiles, you might want to buy a colored filler that will match the color of the wood. Your finger's the best tool to use to apply the filler.

    Not sure if this helps but if not, give us a little more info and people can jump in.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Re: How to expose an old wood tongue and groove ceiling

    I'm not sure if you are talking about a T&G ceiling or the joists and underside of the wood flooring above.
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