Hello again! I looked on the invoice from the roofing company. It appears that they replaced and installed roof vents, installed 6ft of ice and water shield around complet house, and aluminum drip edge, among other things.

Are you referring to the white sections spaced throughout the eaves? That was installed at the same time my mother had new eaves put in many years ago. (That was supposed to help with "breathing," according to my mother.) That's all I know about that. What do you mean by "if they're punched, they may be reducing air flow?" What should I do about them?

Yes, the area by the garage is where I'm having the most leakage/damming problem.

Regarding the socks with slow melt ice pellets. Where/how should they be placed? Also, what kind of snow rake do you recommend?

Thank you so much for your help and patience.