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    Default Icicles/ice dams


    My house, built in 1957, is the only on the blck that has a lot of ice dams/icicles. Why? It has always been this way, regardless of how new the roof or gutters/gutter guards are, currently 5-7 years. There is a big collection of icicles above the garage where the house and garage overlap, which has resulted in an occasional leak through the roof in the garage. Someone said that icicles indicate clogged gutters or the need for insulation. If gutters are the problem, how do I clean them ones with mesh gutter guards? I've considered estimates on insulation. What about an attic fan? I'm not sure if my attic is high enough to install one. (The entry to the attic is a very small opening in my closet.) What should I do first to fix the ice dam/icicle problem? I'm on a disability, and can't afford to pay a lot. Also, I'm afraid that an insulation/roofing expert will try to rip me off. Any help you can give me will be appreciated.
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