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    Default Removing a Brick Hearth

    We have a 6ft x 2ft hearth made up of 2 layers of brick. We want to remove this & rebuild it smaller to not take up as much room. Can we simply chisel it away or is there a better way to remove it so we don't damage the brick chimney behind it and the sub-floor?

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    Default Re: Removing a Brick Hearth

    That depends on how much mess you want to make!

    Ideally, you want to use a diamond tipped wheel on a 4" angle grinder to get deep into the mortar joints. just trying to chip away at the bricks will probably take you much longer that you think. One you get enough of a gap, you will be able to pop of the bricks. This will create a TON of dust, so be aware.

    Also, you'll want to check code on the Hearth. they are typically built to a certain size based on the size of the fire box, type of fire, etc.

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