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    Default large hole in tiled wall - how to fix

    My kitchen faucets are wall mounted and old. The pipe behind the tile wall had to be replaced and the plumber broke into the tile backsplash and the lathe/plaster behind it. I now have a 1 foot by 1foot hole in the backsplash around the faucets (he said that was the only way to get to the pipes). How do I fix this? I know I will have to re-tile but I have to fix the hole first. All the contractors I have asked to fix this won't touch it because they say it is too small a job for them so I will have to do it myself. I have contacted stone/marble fabricators to see if they would cut a piece of marble or granite to cover the hole (I would remove the tiles over the sink) but again they all say that this job is too small for them (there is lots of building going on in the city and all the trades are busy and able to name their own price). This has been like this for over a year. Any advice you can give will be most appreciated. regards, Molly
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    Default Re: large hole in tiled wall - how to fix

    what i would do is to remove the tile around that hole where now you see the plaster wall around it .cut a piece of 2by 3 or 2by 4 longer than the hole,insert one piece of wood into the hole at the top leaving to show half of it in the opening .now screw the piece of wood through the the plaster wall where you took the tile out on both sides then do the same for the bottom .your piece of wood should be flush with the back side of that wall .cut a piece of plywood the size of that hole and screw it to the pieces you added inside the wall .now you can put your tile back .i don't know how thick your wall is but you need to make sure whatever the thickness is that is the width of the fill in piece ,so if your wall is actually 1 inck thick than you make 2 pieces of plywood 1/2 thick glue them together than screw them in. that way when you retile they are all flush with each other.hope i helped
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