I have mold growing on the inside of my roof in my attic. I just had a new roof put on about 3 years ago because of the mold problem. The roof has been properly vented with a ridge vent and vents around the soffit (many were put in). I noticed that when I pick up a plastic lid that was lying on the floor of the attic that there was a lot of condensation under it. I am also getting this on and under the plastic bags in my attic. The floor of the attic is insulated (I do not know what type). The attic is small; you can only sit in it at spots. Please let me know what I need to do to alleviate this constant problem. Also, I have an attic fan with a humidistat. I believe that my attic is too warm (it is not the same temperature as the outside). I live in Cleveland so it should be about -5 up there now and it's probably about 40 degrees or more. Help! Thank you!!!