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    Question Matching Knockdown Pattern

    I was called by an old customer to fix a silverdollar sized hole in a wall. The drywall had been texturized with a "knock-down" pattern. How do I create this pattern on my final coat of joint compound so the damaged area blends in with the wall?

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    Default Re: Matching Knockdown Pattern

    Get a can of aerosol texture or a hand pump texture gun such as this. You can purchase refills for the hand pump gun or do what I do and just refill it yourself.
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    Default Re: Matching Knockdown Pattern

    you need to practice on some scrap pieces to get the right size in your spray. but first on the patch I take some heavy grit sand paper and sand the texture a ways out from the patch in varying distances so that you don't have a distinct line where the old spray will end and the new spray begins. when you get the spray size right you spray slightly overlapping onto the old texture area and just slightly heaver towards the center of the patch then let sit just a little while then wipe with your knockdown knife (usually the plastic ones will work better then your regular drywall knife)

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