About a year ago, I bought a small 1.5 story home in Southern new england that had a slight 'L' shape to the footprint, there's about 2 feet to the leg of that L.
On the roof level, there's a full width Gable (i think) that extends off the roof covering that 2 foot by16 foot extension.
The main part of the second floor has crawl space that actually leads to an opening that lets me inside this space.
I measured roughly & i think I could get an additional 6 foot by 8 foot space available to my 2nd floor if I could figure out how to re-frame it.
I don't want to have to take the whole thing off, as the roof was recently redone before I bought the house.
Unfortunatly, the main part of the roof was framed with Rafters & the roof of this extra space almost seems like it was 'dummied' on top. I.e. its setting on the planking over the rafters. No Ridge header exists's, etc.

What I'm asking this old houser's is if I could work with it that way, cutting out some of the rafter's to make an opening; after trippling up the end rafters & cross bracing as I've seen diagrammed in many places.

Or should i take off the entire existing structure, openning up the new roof & do work that way?
I know pictures speak a thousand words, so if anyone wants some of the specific's, let me know & I will try to get some.