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Thread: Dish Washer

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    Unhappy Dish Washer

    I am getting water back from my dish washer when it is on use, this water is coming from the air conduct that is on top, close to the foucet. What should I check?:

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    Make sure there are no blockages in the line from the air gap (that thing on top the sink) to the drain. Pull the metallic cover off of the air gap. Inside, there should be another part that pulls off so you can clean and inspect it.

    Also, make sure the air gap is connected properly; generally, the dishwasher should connect to the smaller fitting (which connects to the tube you'll see inside the air gap when you take it apart) and the larger fitting should go to the drain. [This is based on the assumption that all air gaps are like mine.]

    The purpose of the air gap is to act as an anti-siphon device, to prevent dirty water from the sink or sewer from backflowing into the dishwasher.
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