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    Default Painting Baseboards & Crown Moulding

    I'm going to put in new baseboards and crown moulding. I wish to spray paint them. Do I do this before placing on the wall or do I spray after installation?
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    Default Re: Painting Baseboards & Crown Moulding

    I like to do it before installation so that afterwards it's a quick touch up and I don't have to deal with masking off walls, carpet, or ceiling. What I've always done is set up in the garage on saw horses, hang a plastic d**** to encapsulate the area and have at it. Once I'm done spraying the first coat, I'll lift the plastic and crack the roll up and man door to allow air flow for drying and dehumidifying. When the first coat is dry, close it all up for a second round. When the paint is dry do your install. If you're careful with the spackle over the nails, you can wipe it down with a wet rag and be good for paint, OR touch it with a bit of sand paper. Either way, it's a quick dob with a paint brush to cover any blemish from the nail and spackle.

    Note, when spraying paint in an enclosed area, be sure to wear protective clothing and wear a respirator. For latex paints, a double banded dust mask with the nose pinch form. For more potent paints, use a vapor mask with the charcoal filter.
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