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    Default Mixing new and old, framed and frameless.

    I have a forties kitchen with deeply built in cabinets (attached to the studs with perpendicular support pieces, backed with dry wall) which I am reluctant to remove and even more reluctant to pay to replace. I definitely need a 60" base cabinet along one wall with no upper drawers (but bottom would be good), and I am investigating options, which by this time include a dovetail jig.

    I have spoken with a carpenter who would do the cabinet for about $1500, but refuses to do the doors on the other side, as his cabinet would be faceless and he feels they would not go together. My choice would be to do it in paint grade maple or soft wood doors like pine or fir (people have been doing this for years, so it must work) with good plywood body, then paint it and the original cabinets the same color. Obviously the doors won't look the same, but I think I can deal with that. I believe there is hardware which would make it possible. I wonder what the combined wisdom of this group has to say on this and what smart ideas you have.

    Note: There is a possibility that I would replace all base cabinets and simply retain hanging cabinets and one tall cabinet.

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    Default Re: Mixing new and old, framed and frameless.

    I think I would be talking to a different cabinet maker. Building a face frame cabinet to match shouldn't be that big a deal or that much more expensive. New face frames can be made for face frame cabinets to change their configuration.
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    Default Re: Mixing new and old, framed and frameless.

    I agree, you need to look further for a cabinetmaker. For $1500 you should be able to get at least 2 or 3 face framed cabinets. . . .

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