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    Default Carcass sources.

    For the rest: I am seeking good casework and doors for either a cabinet addition or replacement. I would accept anything that allows me to paint. I am seeking American or Canadian made, as I have been told that the cabinetry imported from China emitsa considerable amount of formaldehyde.
    Thanks. I have a separate question which will have its own thread.

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    Default Re: Carcass sources.

    Check and see if you have a Rockler or Woodcraft store, a woodworking club, or a lumber supplier(not a big box store) near you they should be able to give you some leads to cabinet makers in your area. You might also want to check Angie's list. You don't say where you are located so I can't make any recommendations further than that. Just about any competent woodworker should be able to accomplish what you want.
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