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    Default Leaning building

    I have a oversized detached garage with all bells and whistle on a property I just bought problem is the pad its on has no footings and to make it worse its on the side of a hill and leaning how do I straighten it and after that I have to repair the subsiding pad can I trench in footings and pour a cap over entire pad to level it all with building still present?

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    Default Re: Leaning building

    Why don't you contact a mud jacking company and see if it can be leveled with mud jacking.
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    I had a leaning one car garage with no bells and whistles. Here's how I "leveled" it

    Not sure if yours is nice and historic/worth preserving, but mine was a shack and all the joists that sat on the slab were rotten where they met the ground. Like yours, mine also had no footings and if you leaned against the wall, the structure rocked.

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    If the building itself is structurally sound and worth saving I would brace it (i.e. add cross members to add strength for the lifting and moving), lift it, move it, re-pour the footings & pad and move it back into place. You may have a preferred location you could prep ahead of time and move the building to that footer / pad site and get rid of the "bad" one.

    If you have a shed supplier locally they may work with you on the lifting and moving part of the job. They will have the hydraulic extended trailers that make this type of work easier. They would also be able to give you an idea of the additional bracing recommended.

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