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    Default nail heads protruding from drywall

    My house was built in 1987. Many of the nails used to attach the drywall are starting to protrude from the surface of the wall. this can be seen in many rooms/places, although some are worse than others. i need to get the interior painted, but am not sure what to do about these nails. can i just pound them back in and cover with filler? should screws be put in instead or addition to nails? in some places the tape used at the drywall seems is also affected by the nail protrusion. should this be replaced also? Overall the drywall is in good condition otherwise, with no moisture or other detectable damage.

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    Default Re: nail heads protruding from drywall

    sounds like normal nail pops, the wood shrank and the nails lost their hold. id pull em and replace with some new screws, then put some mud on the bad spots to clean it up a bit
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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    Default Re: nail heads protruding from drywall

    I like to merely drive them back in with a nail set if they are only slightly bulging the surface. If they are protruding to where I can get hold of the head with a pliers, I pull them and replace them with screws.
    It is unlikely that they will pop again as the wood is now throughly dried out.

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