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    Default covering nover an existing deck

    I was thinking about redoing an old deck attached to my house. Structurally, the deck appears to be fine, however asthetically- the pressure treated wood has been painted several times and it just looks ugly. Would it be ok to replace the deck boards with cedar or mahogony and wrap the existing posts and rim joists with the same material?

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    Default Re: covering nover an existing deck

    Sure you can replace them with whatever you like.

    Also, if you're going to pull up the existing deck boards you might just flip them over instead. The undersides will generally be in good shape considersing they aren't exposed directly to the elements.

    2 cents worth.
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    Default Re: covering nover an existing deck

    You might also want to look at IPE rather than mahogany.
    Think cedar is a little to soft to use for decking. Just my opinion.
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