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    Default attempting to tile my bathroom

    I am trying to tile the lower half of my bathroom wall, but have run into a couple of problems. The main problem is that when the bathtub was installed, the excess length was for some reason shoved into the closet that has the access to the water lines making the visible length (also the width of the room itself) 65". The backerboard and the tile would end up hanging over then ends of the tub if installed over the existing wall. The walls are plaster, but the part that I would like to tile also has and addition 3/16" of what one guy referred to as "king's cement" (or king's concrete- i can't remember which) where lines were traced in the material to make it look like tile. I am just wondering if it would be possible knock the plaster out off the bottom half of the wall and install the concrete board directly to the studs or if doing this would destroy the remaining plaster... I'm not sure if I've sufficiently explained, so if anybody needs any clarification of anything before offering any suggestions, just let me know. Any ideas at all would be appreciated!

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    Default Re: attempting to tile my bathroom


    Not quite sure I understand what you are asking, but I personally do not think itís a good idea to remove only the lower half of the wall. Two reasons I can think of:
    1) The chances of cracking the plaster on the top-half are pretty good. More so with the addition of this concrete. Maybe if you can cut small sections at a time?
    2) My main worry would be the potential for water seeping in between where the old plaster and the new tile meet. Trying to create a barrier between the two would be quite difficult.
    Just my 2 cents. Good luck with your project
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    Default Re: attempting to tile my bathroom

    It's "Keene's Cement" an especially hard kind of finish plaster.
    Since the tub is so well ensconced that there's no room for real tile, I think it would be best to take off the plaster down to the studs.
    Then, if need be, shim out so the new 1/2" backer board overhangs the tub lip. Don't forget the moisture barrier!
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