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    Default Painting Brand New Oak Kitchen Cabinets

    We recently moved into a brand new home and realized that the new oak cabinets in the kitchen had a grain that was much too strong for our taste. Now we want to paint these cabinets/hide the grain completely. How much of the following TOH tutorial is relevant to this job:,00.html

    Thank you.

    Note: The cabinets have a light varnish on them but nothing else.

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    Default Re: Painting Brand New Oak Kitchen Cabinets

    The process described will give good results, but it is an incredibule amount of work. Also, any paint put over a varnish will be highly chip prone. Paint never adheres to slick varnish the way it does to virgin wood.

    If it is the budget, I would consider one of the cabinet re-surfacing services. They will build you new drawer and cabinet fronts and veneer all the other surfaces. You might compromise, to save money, with new painted fronts and paint the base cabinets yourself.

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