We live in a Victorian home, built around 1900. The house was painted 5 years ago and weve been having water damage to inside walls ever since it seems; slowly getting worse over the years.

They used a power washer to clean off old paint on the house & wood trim. We have asbestos shingles so they could not scrap.

There were MAJOR issues after the house was painted. Every time it rained we got large bubbles behind the new paint. One was filled with water that squirted out when poked with a pin! I have video of this and pictures. Just thinking of it makes me feel sick. We're still paying for this job too.

The owner of the company had them literally peel the Sherwin Williams Duration paint off the house & repaint. The problem continued but not as bad. They recaulked all of the windows. I see a few small bubbles when it rains but not as extreme as before.

What is the next step? I hate to see my home go to ruins. We could have the windows recaulked & then fix the inside walls but how do I know its been repaired properly? Do we fix the inside walls & wait to see if it continues to become damanged? It seems like money down the drain if the problem continues. We would appreciate any guidance very much.