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    Exclamation Sister roof rafters

    I am putting an addition on my house. My existing roof is framed with 2x6's. The new roof will be over framed. I have to sister 2x8's to my existing 2x6. Does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this. I am having trouble fitting the 2x8 to the 2x6.

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    If the 2x8's are set flush to the bottoms of the existing 2x6's we know the new sisters will stand taller --- set flush with the tops of the existing 2x6 raters the new sisters will be lower.

    Can you be more specific as to what the issue will be?
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    dont worry about overhangs, make small templates which you can use to test the angle of the cuts for where the rafter sits on the plate and at the ridge, if the existing sheathing is in place it makes it tricker to fit the new rafters along side the old ones.

    i definitely recommend construction adhesive and screws , most engineers would spec this treatment
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