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    Can PVC cabinets be painted?

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    Acrylic paints bond well to PVC plastic. There are water based primers which are also suited for use on plastic.

    You might also consider spray cans for your cabinets. RustOleum
    has a line of spray paints intended for direct application to plastic. It also has a plastic spray primer which can then be topcoated with any type of spray paint.

    RustOleums "Universal" spray paint may also be applied directly to plastic.

    All of these products are available at Home Depot.

    Whether brushed or sprayed, you will want to first clean the surface and then give it a scuff sand with fine sandpaper - 320 grit.

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    Painting is the practice of applying paint, pigments, colors, or any other means, I love to do painting, and is a way of expression and forms are many.

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