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    Default smoothing custom patch

    I had a re-occuring crack in my plaster wall. On the advice of the clerk at my local home depot i bought an elastic custom patching compound .As is my nature I did not read the directions carefully and spread the compound liberaly not worrying to much about how smooth it was thinking I would go back and sand it smooth the next day .When I tried to sand the patch even 60 grit sand paper wouldn't touch it .When I read the directions carefully it said this product was not made to be sanded .Any suggestions as to how I can level and smooth this product? Thanks for your help in advance .

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    Default Re: smoothing custom patch

    Since you can't sand it with the sand paper, you could try an orbital sander. It moves faster than your hand will and might get the plaster sanded down to where you like it.

    If that doesn't work, you could always try using a belt sander. It'll usually grind down whatever you're working on. Just be careful how much pressure you put on it because it might make a bigger mess than you already have. Keep it moving and go lightly at first and then work your way into it when you see how it goes.

    Whenever you get the patch sanded down to your liking, you might consider using a little spackling compound and smooth out your handiwork.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Re: smoothing custom patch

    It's difficult to give advice when we have no idea what you used.

    I believe Home Depot clerks are trained to give positive, confident answers whether they have any real knowledge or not.
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    Default Re: smoothing custom patch

    If it is something you can cut with a razor, perhaps a sc****r or a plane would work to shave off the irregular surface of the patching material.

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