My wife and I have lived in our home for just over 5 years. No major problems, but we did have a leak in a couple locations. They were both in along the exterior walls of the house. One showed itself as a water stain on the 1st floor ceiling and the other was along the baseboard on the opposite side of the house.

We had a contractor come out and they took off siding to determine where the leaks were getting in. To our suprise we found that there wasn't house wrap behind the vynyl siding in either location.

My question is - was this standard practice (10 year old home) at the time our house was built? We live in Indiana and I don't believe it was code from talking to our Town inspector. I'm seriously considering paying someone to take down the siding and install house wrap. Almost all of the new homes I see built now have Tyvek or some other type installed. In my mind there are going to be some major rot issues with the sheathing if nothing is done.

Any help or comments are appreciated.