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    Default Painting Stripes

    For a clean line when painting strips:

    Apply your painters tape evenly to designate your stripes.
    Brush on a coat of clear glaze on the edges of the tape and it will seal the edges of the tape leaving you with beautiful clean lines. Elimates any sippage going under the tape.

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    Default Re: Painting Stripes

    Alternately, If you have painted the entire background in one of the stripe colors, tape off the areas to be striped with the sccondary color and then paint the edges of the tape with that same base color. If any paint goes under the tape it will be the color of the background and therefore not show.

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    Default Re: Painting Stripes

    Carroll is correct,but I always use a level and draw a light line in pecil to follow.A very light line wont be seen after.

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    Default Re: Painting Stripes

    The fastest way is just to use "Painter's-caulk".

    I like this a LOT better, because you're not dinkin'-around with another "wet" product and another brush.

    Use just a pea-sized drop of PC for ~8-10'. If you're hardly putting any's enough!! All you need is a near-invisible light trace at the tape-edge.
    After a few stripes are "caulked", have a clean rag and lightly wipe off what you can see.
    Again...if you can't see it...IT'S ENOUGH!

    We've had people come back "raving" about how well this works!

    Because you're applying so little, the caulk is ready to paint usually by the time you're done with a wall!
    >>> Just practice making the "pea-sized drop" last 8-10', and you're ****en!


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    Default Re: Painting Stripes

    Apply your painters tape evenly to designate your stripes.
    Sometimes easier said than done Get yourself a lazer level for that. I've used caulk in the past but I suppose glaze would work too.
    Mark, Painting Bloomington, MN

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