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    Default plaster on paint?

    Hi all,
    I have to finish a room that has a new wall division installed. Here's my question: Should I prepare the wall that is perpendicular to the new wall at the corners (i.e.: sanding)? This wall has a coat of latex paint on and I have to plaster the joints. May I simply plaster the corner like if it was a new sheet of drywall?

    thanks for your answers

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    Default Re: plaster on paint?

    Yes, you can use drywall and tape to finish the joint between the new and old walls without trouble. The drywall mud will bond to the painted wall OK. Just finish it the way you would if it was two new walls. Make sure you use tape on the corner or you'll never get rid of the crack. I prefer the paper tape for situations like this.

    Good Luck.

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