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    Question Copper Gutters needed

    I live in an old coach house in Newport, RI. It was originally
    built in 1895 and used as Deluxe Coach House for the Havermeyers
    Estate. In 1987 a Developer purchased building and converted to
    10 Town House Condo's. Instead of replacing the copper gutters
    the developer used shallow wooden gutters which were connected
    to copper downspouts. Visually the building looked great. Unfortuneately for 20 years the gutters have been coming apart
    at the seams. Even with constant repairs the low spots and the
    fascia is rotting.

    I think we should replace the complete wooden system with a new
    copper 1/2 round 6'/20 ounce system. Yet I don't have the
    knowledge to understand who is the right MfG or who might be tehe
    right contractor? I have spoken to 5 contractors and can't get
    the same answers out of any of them? I have contacted several
    Copper Gutter Manufacturer's directly Slate & Copper Gutter from
    Erie, PA who seems like a good source but I don't have the
    expertise to really know if these are the right guys?

    Who could help me with this project? I need around 490 feet
    of gutter installed?
    Please e-mail me at

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    You might check with local sheetmetal shops that do architectural sheetmetal work.
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    I have and I don't trust local guys...looking for some professional advise from people who don't have a stake
    in the outcome...

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    try the copper gutter shop - they are close to you in MA

    what was the question that you got different answers to ?

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