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    Default stuck vanity with water source up from the floor

    We are trying to remove our bathroom vanity but... The water supply comes out of the floor of the vanity through two small pvc pipes. On top of the pipes is the water shut off. The pipes are about an inch from the wall, through the floor. The floor of the vanity is about half an inch thick so we can't just break it. We can't lift the vanity over the pipes (once the sink is out) because the shut off valves are too big for the holes the pipes come through. Can anyone help with ideas on how to cut the wood around the pvc pipes so we can lift the vanity over them.? It is especially hard to cut being so close to the wall. Thanks
    waiting to put in the new one.

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    Default Re: stuck vanity with water source up from the floor

    A sawzall will do the job well. Cut carefully along both sides and between both pipes to free the cabinet. You can also shut off the water at the main, removed the valves and pull the cabinet.

    To install the new cabinet, drill holes large enough to fit over the valves then install split ring escutcheons around the pipes to hide the holes. Another method would be to turn off the water at the main, remove the valves and cut smaller holes to fit the pipes. Once the cabinet is in place, reinstall the valves and turn the water back on.
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