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    Question covering plaster ceilings

    I'd like to cover my plaster ceilings. I'd like to use the wood planks or the paneling that looks like the wood planks. I don't know if adding that extra weight will pull the plaster down. Also in a few rooms the plaster has a few cracks in it.
    Any advice would be wonderful.
    My home is located in Maryland and the deed shows it was built in 1932. My neighbor tells me the original past of the house is much older.

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    Default Re: covering plaster ceilings

    Brenda, not knowing the structure of your house that's pretty hard to answer, however, I will say you do not want to nail your planks to the plaster and lath. You would need to locate the joists and screw 1 X 4' perpendicular to the joists every 16" and and nail your planks to the 1 X 4s or if you want to run the planks the other direction screw the 1 X 4s on the bottom of the joists. If you are concern about weight you might want to look into Armstrong's plank tiles.

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